Amidst the joyous “dance” of mating, a pair of king cobras were unexpectedly attacked by their enemy.

A pair of king cobras were in the midst of their mating ritual, which involves a mesmerizing and intricate dance between the male and female snakes. However, their moment of intimacy was abruptly interrupted when they were suddenly attacked by a predator.

The predator, likely a rival male cobra, appeared out of nowhere and launched a surprise assault on the couple. The male cobra, fiercely protective of his mate, immediately went on the defensive and engaged in a battle to protect his partner.

Đang hân hoan trong "vũ điệu" giao phối, cặp đôi rắn hổ mang bị kẻ thù bất  ngờ tập kích | Tin nhanh chứng khoán

The fight was intense and lasted for several minutes, with the male cobra using his deadly venomous fangs to strike at the enemy. However, the rival cobra was equally fierce and fought back with equal vigor, striking blows with its own venomous fangs.

Rắn hổ mang cá quần nhau với rắn hổ ma

In the end, the male cobra emerged victorious, after delivering a final fatal bite to his adversary. However, the battle had taken a toll on both the male and female cobras, leaving them injured and vulnerable to further attacks.

Đang hân hoan trong 'vũ điệu' giao phối, cặp đôi rắn hổ mang bị kẻ thù bất  ngờ tập kích #alonews - YouTube

The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that snakes face in the wild, even during moments of intimacy. It also highlights the fierce and protective nature of male cobras in defending their partners from predators.

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