Chris Hemsworth Admits He’s a Massive Ed Sheeran Fan After Attending Three Concerts (Exclusive)

Even Chris Hemsworth fanboys over some celebs. The action superstar is opening up about his unabashed love for Ed Sheeran after seeing him in concert three times in a matter of months. Hemsworth walked the carpet at the premiere of his new action epic, Extraction 2, held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday, and he opened […]

Eat Clean Chris Hemsworth enjoys a calorie-only ice cream with his wife Elsa Pataky. Can this ice cream break his muscles?

He follows a strict diet aпd workoυt regime to maiпtaiп his iпcredibly ripped physiqυe. Bυt Chris Hemsworth eпjoyed a cheat day oп Thυrsday as he did some sightseeiпg iп Loпdoп with his stυппiпg wife Elsa Pataky. The Thor star tυcked iпto a calorie-ladeп bυbble gυm ice-cream coпe, complete with fairy floss aпd toppiпgs, as the pair visited the world-famoυs […]

FIRE: The Arsenal army beamed back on the plane from Porto headquarters after the match against the home team

In a thrilling turn of events, the Arsenal army has been beamed with a renewed sense of determination as they head to Porto headquarters. The catalyst for this surge of motivation was a challenge message delivered by Porto’s goalkeeper, Diogo Costa. Diogo Costa has insisted Porto are ready to expose Arsenal’s “weak points” in their […]

Hemsworth Brothers: The Epitome of Talent, Looks, and Success – Luke, Chris, and Liam Revealed

Before they were sυrroυпded by Hollywood paparazzi, Lυke, Chris aпd Liam Hemsworth were growiпg υp amoпgst bυffaloes aпd crocodiles iп Aυstralia. The trio of taleпted actors were raised iп Melboυrпe, iп the Oυtback aпd oп Phillip Islaпd — aпd they’ve said they wereп’t the most well-behaved childreп. Accordiпg to Liam, they freqυeпtly roυghhoυsed with each […]

UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE: Jurrien Timber’s exciting trip to Rwanda to inspire people as Arsenal ambassador 📸🦁

Defender Jurrien Timber of Arsenal, England, and the Netherlands national team started his trip to Rwanda this Thursday, December 14, 2023. The three-day trip was scheduled to begin with an infrastructure tour for the Arsenal player, who arrived in Rwanda early Thursday morning. “It’s great to be in Rwanda. I am truly enjoying my time […]

NEW ICON: Arsenal’s unique goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale trains in the next generation adidas Predator

This week, Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale showed off a whiteout adidas Predator Prototype, which features the reintroduction of that classic fold-over tongue… proving that he’s not one to shy away from the spotlight when it’s pointed at him. Some have argued that the famous tongue, an integral aspect of the silo from its inception until […]

AMAZING AURA: Arsenal captain Martin Ødegaard and Bukayo Saka looked absolutely captivating as he attended the Burberry show and met up with former Real Madrid player Gareth Bale during London Fashion Week at Victoria Park

Arsenal captain Martin Ødegaard and Bukayo Saka exuded sophistication and style as they attended the Burberry show during London Fashion Week at Victoria Park. Their presence at the event was nothing short of captivating, with Ødegaard and Saka effortlessly commanding attention with their impeccable fashion choices and charismatic demeanor. The duo also had the pleasure […]

Family fun in the sun! Doting dad Chris Hemsworth winds down at the beach with his children and brother Luke

He’s been soaking up the praise following the release of Hollywood blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok. But on Sunday, Chris Hemsworth, 34, took some well-earned time out with his children and brother Luke, 37. The close-knit family were seen enjoying themselves as they headed down to a beach in Malibu, California. Family fun! Chris Hemsworth winds down at a […]

‘Like old times’: Makeup-free Elsa Pataky and husband Chris Hemsworth look loved-up as they head to training session at the gym

They’re the genetically-blessed Hollywood couple who have made successful careers out of flaunting their impressive physiques. And hunky actor Chris Hemsworth and model wife Elsa Pataky looked as loved-up as ever when they posed for a selfie on Thursday in Byron Bay. The Spanish actress, 41, uploaded a happy snap with her husband to Instagram as they prepared to work […]

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