Resounding victory: A view from the front row as our car witnessed the Lion’s unforgettable victory over buffalo

Lions are on the wish list of many travelers eager to visit the African continent, and guests this morning driving through South Africa’s Kruger National Park certainly got what they came for.

This incredible footage was captured by field guide Marten Lange, who was taking a group out for a game when he came across four lions lying under a bush not far from the road. Optimistic that the large lions could roam a little closer and allow the guests a better photo opportunity, Lange decided to wait for it to come out.

“After about 20 minutes, something caught my eye,” Lange explained to GreatStock. A herd of buffalo crossed the road and headed north to drink from a nearby waterhole, but the two strays stayed behind. Lange would later learn that pride had already tried its luck to knock down a buffalo, but the buffalo drove them away.

“I saw two buffalos rushing towards us and trying to cross the road right in front of us,” Lange continued. “There’s a boardwalk that leads down to the water and [to] the lions [are lying] in front of my car. I suggest my guests have their cameras ready because I can sense something. that could happen.”

And the boy made something happen. One of the buffalo was treating the wound and the lions rushed at it in a flash. Two of the cats chased the injured animal across the street, where it lost its grip on slippery surfaces and plummeted to the ground just meters away from stunned onlookers.

And to start the exhilarating spectacle, one of the lions decided to take a break from the carcass and move to rest in the shade of the hunting car, just steps away from the terrified spectators.

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